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Healthy Recipe Ideas

When you make the decision to eat healthier, it's much easier to stay away from convenience and fast foods if you have some healthy recipe ideas. Even at the end of a long day you can still make healthy meals that are quick and easy.

Here are a few meal ideas that will give you an idea of those quick and easy meals that are good for you.


Salads can easily become simple healthy meals because they are easy to create and they are loaded with fiber and vitamins. There are several varieties of lettuce to choose from and you can use almost any vegetables. Sprinkle a few almonds or peanuts on top for an optional added crunch.

Healthy Salad Dressing Recipe

If you want to make your own salad dressing, this recipe works well. Just mix herbs, like basil or thyme with a squirt some lemon or lime juice. You can also create a low fat salad dressing by combining half an avocado with your favorite herbs and lemon juice.

Adding meat to your salad makes it a more interesting and filling meal. Skinless chicken, turkey or even a piece of salmon on top of your salad makes a perfect dinner or lunch. Try to stay away from croutons, bacon, and cheese in your salads because these are high fat foods.

Fruit Salads

Fruit salads are another excellent choice for a meal or for a side to a meal and make a tasty breakfast. They are very low in fat and most fruits are high in fiber. Chop up some of your favorite fruits and berries and as an optional choice fold in some plain yogurt.

Here is a tip if you are using apples or other fruits that tend to "brown" in your salad. A squirt of lemon or lime juice over your salad will keep your fruit salad attractive and healthy. You can also soak them for thirty seconds in salt water.


Sandwiches are not only quick and easy, but can easily become a healthy meal if you choose whole grain breads, pitas or tortillas that are low in fats. Have you ever thought about using lots of vegetables on your sandwiches instead of sandwich meats? Or you can use lean and skinless chicken, turkey or fish. Instead of mayonnaise on your sandwiches leave it off and use avocados, mustard or even salsa for flavor.

Grilled Foods

Grilling foods are another healthy choice because most of the fat drips away from the cooked food. Brushing vegetables and lean meats with lemon juice and herbs and grilling on the barbeque is a great way to enjoy fat-free, healthy foods that are easy and fast to create.

Marinating Meat

Here are a few suggestions for marinating meats and reducing the amount of fat you use in preparing them. For a simple and healthy meat marinade, combine lemon juice and fresh dill. You can also puree your favorite fruits and vegetables in a blender and pour that over your meat. Combine meat and marinade in a covered container and then refrigerate for 12 hours before cooking.

Hopefully after reading about these few healthy recipe ideas you'll discover that you can make meals that are quick and easy while still eating healthy. It just takes a little time to adjust your eating habits but enjoying a healthy body is definitely worth it.

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