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The Fastest Way to Burn Body Fat

If you want to know the fastest way to burn body fat, you first need to understand how your body's metabolism works. When you raise your metabolism your body will naturally burn more fat.

When you exercise regularly you will not only burn more calories but become much more physically fit. Being more fit produces more muscle and less fat which means you will have a higher metabolism rate than someone who doesn't exercise on a regular basis.

Age also affects how fast your body will burn fat. After the age of 20 your metabolism slows down about 2 percent for every decade of your life. That doesn't mean you still can't burn fat as you age. It just means that your body burns calories much slowly with every passing year.

But calories are only part of the fat burning equation. What you really need to know is how to burn the most calories from stored fat. But how do you know if you are burning fat calories when you workout?

The key is to change how you workout so you'll burn maximum body fat every time you exercise. The very best and fastest way to burn body fat is through interval training. Proper interval training involves varying your training intensity.

The basics of proper interval training is starting your workout at 65 percent of your total capacity and then moving up to 95 percent and back to 65 percent toward the end. Once you make this small adjustment in your interval training, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine.

To understand how the benefits of interval training work, here are three different training approaches for a 150 pound person who rides a stationary bike for 30 minutes:

65 percent training intensity

If you exercise for 30 minutes at 65 percent of your total capacity at the same speed and the same activity without varying your workout, you will burn about 82 calories and 41 of those will be from stored fat.

Everyone has seen these people in the gym doing the same workouts every day without ever changing their routines. The problem is their body never changes and they will still look the same a year later. This kind of workout falls in the aerobic, with oxygen, category and is also known as a low intensity workout.

85 percent training intensity

If this same person is still exercising for 30 minutes but increases the intensity to 85 percent, they will burn about 157 calories, but only 10 calories are burned from fat.

This person usually sweats all over the place, and their T-shirt is usually soaked. They have a much stronger aerobic capacity, but if they do anything different from this workout, they will most likely have difficulty. This kind of training would be without oxygen, in the anaerobic category which is also referred to as a medium intensity workout.

65 percent to 95 percent and back to 65 percent training intensity

When someone performs true interval training for 30 minutes and changes the intensity level of their workout from 65 percent to 95 percent and back to 65 percent, they will burn 173 calories and 50 of those calories will be from fat.

This kind of workout routine boosts both energy systems, aerobic and anaerobic, and that's why you get the maximum advantage and benefits of the most calorie and fat burning effects. This is true interval training and is referred to as a high intensity workout.

High intensity workouts are hard, and if you don't feel like you are challenged after this kind of workout, then it's only a medium intensity workout. Gradually push yourself into a high intensity workout and you'll burn much more body fat.

Proper interval training burns more calories and fat as well as increases motivation, endurance and metabolism. One of the benefits of raising your metabolism with this kind of workout is your body will continue to burn fat long after your workout.

Once you change your workout routines and implement proper interval training you will reap the maximum benefits of your workout time and you will have discovered the fastest way to burn body fat.

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