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Best Fat Burning Workouts

This may surprise you, but one of the biggest exercise myths is you have to sweat bullets to burn fat. Actually your body burns a higher percentage of calories from fat with lower intensity cardio workouts that are varied by interval levels.

The best fat burning workouts start with the slow, aerobic types of exercise where you increase the intensity level for a period and then return to back the slower pace. These workouts involve most major muscle groups so they are much more effective at burning body fat.

If all you do is high intensity workouts, your body will burn more sugar as opposed to burning fat because it needs quick energy and the sugar from the food in your system delivers that fuel your body is craving much quicker than fat.

High intensity workouts like running, playing tennis, racquetball and basketball can benefit your overall fitness condition. But they will not burn a lot of body fat because your body prefers the sugar in your system for quick energy.

So low intensity cardio workouts where you vary your intensity level are actually the best fat burning workouts because these types of exercises require slow but steady fuel and your body will eventually start burning stored fat for the energy it requires.

Some of the best fat burning workouts include walking at various speeds, varied treadmill workouts, elliptical trainer workouts, cycling and swimming. The most important thing to keep in mind is varying your intensity because that's what will burn maximum body fat.

To burn body fat effectively, you need to exercise at a moderate pace to start, then increase your resistance or speed up depending on what type of exercise you are doing. Then, slow back down to where you started exercising. The residual effect of this type of aerobic exercise is what gives you the most fat burning benefits.

These types of fat burning workouts increase your metabolism, and that means, you'll continue to burn fat even after your workout is over. Did you know that people who exercise on a regular basis develop more fat burning enzymes than people who don't exercise at all?

You don't even need to make your workouts very long. Start off with twenty minutes of fat burning workouts and you will get the fat burning enzymes working. Then, you can slowly increase your workout time as your fitness level improves. If you are just beginning, your goal at first is to exercise a minimum of 3 days a week and work up to 5 days a week as you become more fit.

Treadmills and elliptical trainers are perfect fitness equipment for fat burning workouts. These fitness machines give you the ability to start with slow, aerobic, types of exercise and vary your intensity up and down to burn maximum fat every time you workout.

They are also the most popular fitness equipment for home workouts because they allow you to stay fit in any weather condition and the whole family can use them. If you don't have time to go to the gym, they are an ideal alternative and quality fitness equipment will last for many years.

Stationary bikes also provide some of the best fat burning workouts. They are simple to adjust intensity for intense resistance as well as a lower resistance to vary your workouts.

These small changes in the way you workout can make a lot of difference in how much body fat you can burn. Start using the best fat burning workouts that work best for you and you can turbo charge your metabolism and burn maximum body fat to make every workout count.

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