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Remedies for Health

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The Skeleto-Muscular System

The bones and joints in our body are designed to withstand a great deal of stress. There are many diseases (there are more than seventy-five diseases of the joints alone) that affect the parts related to the bones and joints, such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Some of them are the result of congenital defects while others are caused by wear and tear over the years. Causes of skeletal birth defects may be hereditary. If the expectant mother is exposed to radiation, X-rays, to disease or had indulged in taking drugs during the course of the pregnancy, the child can turn out "defective". Some of the common skeletal birth defects are an extra rib, toe or finger, or missing ribs, a fused spine, etc. Note that all the nutritional therapies mentioned in this chapter may sometimes not be suitable for everyone. In a few cases, the recommended food may actually trigger arthritic conditions. It must be stressed that each individual responds in a unique way to each therapy. It is up to the individual to persevere until he or she hits upon a diet that offers the best relief.